Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Business Directory | Addison, TX.

Businesses are listed by categories in alphabetical order. Local Directories give you more ways to be found on the internet and a direct backlink to your website.  Backlinks give your website more respect with search engines and increased ranking with them in search results.

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How to Increase Search Engine Ranking with Link Building

Did you know that one of the largest factors contributing to how your business gets ranked in local searches is inbound links (Other website linked to your website)?

Every SEO knows how tedious and time consuming link building can be and for new sites, that’s especially true. You do not have any time, rank or reputation behind you, which makes earning backlinks harder, and slower. Without a solid base of good links, your website is at a disadvantages with the search engines, even if you’re doing everything correct. Backlinks are one of the quickest ways for new sites to build a strong foundation of quality links. We know that the amount of backlinks that point to your website is one of the most important factors in how Google will rank your site in organic searches. Links are still the most essential components of search algorithms for organic searches. So if you want your business to be found in organic searches, link building is an absolute must do.

How To Submit Your Business For Free Inclusion In Our Directory

In a simple email with simple text:

·       Business Name with URL website address

·       Complete Address Required (posting address is optional)

·       Category (What Type of Business or Product)

·       Phone Number

·       A Great Description of your Business – maybe 10 to 15 lines to include keywords as the description of your business is one of the key factors for search engines. “content is always the king” Quality content on your business page will get more audience and visitors. Make sure, the content should be audience-friendly, unique and informative at the same time.