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Catamaran Coaches Fiberglass Pontoon Boats

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6028 21st St E

Bradenton, Florida 34203


Catamaran Coaches is a manufacturer of Fiberglass Pontoon Boats, TriToons, Fiberglass Fish/Dive boats, Work/Party Barges and more. We sell at any phase of construction, from base Fiberglass Pontoons to fully decked out Custom Party Barges.


Please Email Us before you buy anything from this company!


"CCI's warranty is Parts and Labor if brought back to the Factory, Bradenton, Florida,

if not its parts only, if you send parts back and he thinks it's warrenty"


Have a warranty problem and do not live next to CCI, YOU have to pay someone or you do the work, YOU have have pay to have parts shipped back to CCI for inspection and in our case CCI shipped parts back regular ground, even knowing we were down and could not charter our boat, we lost over 2 weeks of charters. This would have been less expensive and less abusive if we just went to the local store and paid full retail for the parts.

So for those of you that do not live near CCI you are basically on your own, a company or someone depending on their equipment should go somewhere else, This Guy is a Total Ass!


We have bought 2 boats from this company, 2011 & 2012 and at the same time we were planning on purchasing the 3rd a 28' x 10' until all this, just like everything else I'm sure he will state something different, By the way we spent over 225k. in one year with this company, you just have to read some of our adventures w/John.

CCI boats do not come with a manufacture stability plate, We paid an addition $500 to have a 3rd party stability test done, CCI would not give us a copy of this report. CCI did finally send a manufacture rating plate to put on the boat.

Understand this has been going on for a year, we were wrong to buy the 2nd boat from them w/o getting the 1st boat corrected. 

Warning: DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING with these people, make sure every nut & bolt is itemized in writing, drawing is confirmed and that you understand completely what is warranty and what you are getting especially if you do not live in that area before you purchase. Engines in Florida do not have to be titled, in our state they do, make sure you get all the proper paper work. They also informed us they do not have any insurance and they have a lot of theft and if the engine (s) or anything else get stolen it would be up to us to get them replace. They nickel and dime you through the building process, I do understand that if I add additional stuff that it is NOT FREE! BUT when CCI is asking top dollar I do expect the craft to be correct, The craft should accelerate w/o cavitations, the toilet, the stereo, the anchor should work, if we get a binimi top I do not expect to pay extra for the upright poles or putting a horn on the boat, duh! Yes, horns are not included, they are extra. We have corrected these defects at our expense, disappointments and humility.


This below is an example of the unprofessionalism of this company

if you do not live next to this company

don't expect to get any help at all from them just verbal abuse!


Quote From John the owner of Catamaran Coaches, November 20, 2012:

Tell ya what Tony,Do us both a favor and never call again ,I don't need to listen to your BS.Send us the hatch and we'll Gladly send you a new one or If not Shove it up your ASS, either way Have a a great Day !!


John to Toni: It has to be shipped to me so I can send back for replacement.


Note: This is not cost effective to send broken parts back, this is poor craftsmanship to begin with, why would anyone put a plastic entry door into the hull in the middle of the deck floor where everyone walks and stands. John you need to except a pic! It is sad you do not have a good enough relationship with your vendors or you pay the charges, especially when your customers have spent over 225k. with you on 2 boats in a year and then you say "Some customers just won't spend the money". WOW!!!!!! NOW you say you could have made the door match the floor and we would not spend the money!!!!!!!!!!

You are a liar and so full of crap you never even mentioned this at all. John maybe you should listen to your customers.


Toni to John: the hull hatch plate to the middle pontoon cracked. I've had people stepping over it but am afraid a drunk will forget and go through it. Do you have a replacement or do we have one made which you'll take care of?  What was the cost on it so we can compare if we have to replace it here to avoid shipping costs for you?


Quote from John Feb 12, 2012: Not wanting to debate all this ,yes we made a few mistakes on your Boats,and will correct them,and will for the remainder of your warranty,Your parts will be mailed asap I get home ! You have a great vacation yourselves !


Quote from John April 25, 2012:

I comfirmed what I was willing to do several emails ago,I sent you jack plates,but Im not paying to install them and all though you traded my battery in for $5.00 which You could have just taken it in for a free replacement,I said I'll pay the $75.00,I sent a new through hull,The Stereo could have just had the gains turned down ,you were asking to much of it,What you did Im sure helped,But as you remember,I had to fight tooth and nail on every option we put on each boat,and you were no way going to upgrade to better eq. So this is where we stand  john

Oct. 2012, John has not paid the $75.


Please read below, John Did Not "fight tooth and nail on every option we put on each boat".

Here is a list of problems with corrections and with his response, these are problems that should have been correct before delivery:

Hello John,

As per our conversation's you would take care of manufacture defects:



Cavitations/No or little reverse: Engine to close to hull and not deep enough / no step in outer hulls for water flow. To correct the problem you sent 2 - 10" jack plates to extend the engines and drop down. 

Correction: Had Jack plates installed, I am satisfied with this modification, just a note - would still like a little more reverse and steering a bit more stiff.

Response: Sent FREE Jack plates as kind jester not paying to install ( Boat was water tested before delivery and Handled very well for 50' X 16' with twin outboards)

NOTE: This was my complaint from the beginning, you had to slowly accelerate to go anywhere, cavitations and reverse was very weak, Bow would not come up at all, causing a lot of spray, pushing water, John had told us that he clocked the boat on test drive @ 30mph, NOT! Runs good now, bow comes up and will do 21 knots with twin Suzuki 225hp, it is a party boat, we do not go very fast just did not want it to labor and to be able to use reverse with passengers on board. We are not trying to make it a go fast boat! Engines installed are short shaft and should have been long shaft. John, if you thought it handled very well on test drive (NOT) you are welcome to come drive the boat now and see the difference. Should have been correct the 1st time. This cost us $2000 in labor to have the jack plates installed.



No Water Supply for Toilet / toilet dry kept breaking, Manufacture installed a flat thru hull fitting with a non-self priming bilge pump, if you got it primed and drove the boat it would simply suck the water out.

Correction:  We had a collapsible water tank made for water supply to toilet- parts $300

Toilet manufacture (NOT CCI) sent complete inside hardware assembly, their customer service was great and I got the parts in 2 days, .

CCI sent w/jack plate a cupped thru hull fitting / will install @ later date when boat has to be pulled out of water.

Response: Sent new thruhull Brass, only needed Plastic grated cup, no labor. (what a joke, No Labor??? Let me go get my magic wand)

NOTE: John laughed when I 1st told I was having problems, stating you have to have water for it to work properly. They forgot to install water tank and or just went the cheapest way possible. The boat has to be pulled out of the water to installed either part, marinas do not do this for free. Yes we had a tank made to correct the problem.



Anchor line keeps coming off track and binding up (bent all mounting hardware): Too large of anchor line installed by manufacture for that unit.

Correction: Replaced with Proper Anchor line - Parts $200

Recommendation, feeding line thru frt of hull down low, you cannot see, takes 2 people to operate.

Should be mounted on topside of deck.

Response: Ancor line + chain, Send old one back I will get replaced if possible (over a year old now)

NOTE: I am not sending back at my expense, it was more cost effective and faster just to go and get the proper parts.



Stereo shutting down and amps overheating: refer to Google for information on this subject.

Correction:  I paid to have someone come out analyze system - Rewired speakers.

Amp mounted upside down - overheating, had plate made w/2-fans and correctly remount amp right side up. Parts Only $200

Response: Stereo "Fix" Turn down Gains, trying to get to much volume out of sys.  Manufacturer said mounting upside down was fine Plus we've been doing it that way for years.
NOTE: This boat was designed to be a party boat, the stereo plays a large part, using the same amps the manufacture (CCI) installed but having a mounting plate made with fans and installing the amps correctly, the sound system plays as designed. DID NOT TURN GAINS DOWN!!!!!!

Everyone I have spoken to about this says the same thing, mounting amps upside down creates excessive heat and will shut down.



Bad spot (tear) in canvas/top: I sent pics to you and you said if I have any problems you would take care it. It seems to be okay for now.

Response: I told you if you wanted to send canvas back when you got the boat to do so ,now boat is over 1 year old, canvas is still under warr, Labor not.

NOTE: His response is not true and as he stated his girlfriend showed this to him and they did nothing .


Crack in rear top deck, I sent pics to you - I did as you said I put 5200 on it.

Please give me recommendation how often I will have to regel-coat floor,

very thin on floor coming into boat center rear entrance/surface is also getting smooth on deck floor.

Response: as far as the glass work at step,I told you to 5200 it ,you did ,have not hear any problems since,Gel coat wear is a normal maintenance ,regel when thin !


Frt gate latch does not hold

Correction: having to strap down.

Response: NONE



26' Pontoon - Purchased and brought home January 2012!

Complaint: Frt cleat fell off on test drive, CCI remounted top side and pulled down with trailer winch damaging deck.

Correction: We removed cleat, put 5200 sealer on it and installed 12k bow ring on front of boat.

Response: NONE



Battery died - tested battery (NOTE: old batt / acid all over it) had to replace port deep cycle battery. Battery Switch on/off only - Wrong Battery switch / had requested a 1 - 2 - all - off switch, This is why we had 2 batteries installed - Replaced Battery.

Correction: Installed New Battery with the 1, 2, ALL, Off switch, with a local battery company, the battery installed is not sold in this area.

Response: Bad battery, it would have been a easy fix, call me when it was discovered and I could have told you were to take it to get replaced at no charge, you took it pond yourself to replace and trade battery in for $5.00 I will Send $75.00 as a good jester.

NOTE: Have not received this jester money, also the 1st time I told him he wanted me to send battery back to him (just like everything else), not cost effective, he informed me it was his money and his decision BUT it is my money to send the battery. You have to ask why they delivered a boat with used batteries to begin with.


Hose on lower end of engine cut.

Correction: We installed fitting.

Response: NONE



Very sloppy finish between center and rt pontoon frt bottom side -

Toni had told you about this and you told her it should not be a problem, please confirm.

Correction: Have not done anything

Response: your boat was a demo that started life as a catamaran, center pontoon was added after  not during new build, no room to work in between and we did make the stern area look better.

NOTE: The sloppy work was not disclosed at any time.


Wash down hose leaking - you said you would send a new hose.

Response: will send new hose Please return old one first so I can get credit ( once again return parts to him, at our cost).

NOTE: I have to spend my money to send it? I can go purchase a new hose for just about the same cost to ship it, not cost effective and a waste of my time. They installed a bilge pump and not a pressure pump to wash down the boat.


Complaint: August 3, 2012

Unloaded the 26' boat into the water turn the steering wheel something popped and no steering.

We loaded the boat back on the trailer, took the boat home only to find the steering cable broke. 

Cable old and worn does not appear to be new parts, grease old and caked.

Reported problem 8/3/12, CCI sends part only UPS ground 8/6/12 due to come in 8/10/12, if you are company and using your boat (CCI knows we are a company) do not expect John to be in any hurry.


Conclusion: We do not recommend this company, John (the owner) has a real problem.

A company or someone depending on their equipment should go somewhere else.



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