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Pontoon Boats, Parasail Rides, Jet Skis, Ski Boats, Kayaks

Below compare local pontoon boat companies, boat sizes, weight capacities and prices!

When renting a Pontoon Boat a few things you need to know before you go!

What are you really getting for your money?


All Boat Rental Businesses have to pay sales tax on boat rentals - ask to see sales tax permit.

Insurance is required on ALL boat and jet ski rentals, Vessel Livery Laws go to 31.111. operating vessel Livery ask to see their insurance!

What happens if you wreck or total the rental or get you hurt?

Are they operating out of a city park with or w/o permission and no insurance?

Got all the proper boat equipment and registrations? Overloaded? Speeding, unsafe driving and DUI's?

The renter does sign a contract stating they are responsible for ALL damages, DUI's and fines.

Pontoon Boats come in many sizes and are rated for a specific number of people with so much weight. Some rental companies rent you the boat with you as driver and some provide their own driver to drive you around. Some rental companies furnish gas at no additional charge and some don't. Do you want to ski, fish or just cruise? There are also different engine sizes, different horsepower.  Remember that loaded weight and engine size/hp has everything to do with boat speed. Most pontoon boats are rated for 12 or less people with 1800 lbs MAX. Please get the proper boat for the occasion, If the boat is overloaded with more people OR MORE WEIGHT, this is dangerously unsafe.


Below Find Recreational Pontoon Boats: Most if not all will have 50hp engines, weight capacity of less than 1800lbs, average stereos (maybe), You drive the boat or extra charges apply and do not stay out after dark! Some will charge for gas and or have clean up charges. Know your boating laws, the driver is responsible for the proper equipment on the boat and damage. Do Not Drink & Drive you can get a DUI.


Aloha Watercraft - Lake Lewisville I-35E @ FM407 - 454A exit

Jet Skis, Recreational Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats

Aloha – Gas included +Tax, does not stay after sunset.

Flying And Floating Toys - Lake Lewisville  - I-35E @ Lake Dallas - 457 exit

Parasail Rides, Jet Skis, Recreational Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats, Kayaks

Flying & Floating Toys – gas & tax included, does not stay after sunset.

Just For Fun - Lake Lewisville @ Sneaky Pete's - I-35E @ Garden Ridge 454B exit

Note: Pier 121 and Grapevine Locations Closed. Jet Skis, Recreational Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats

Gas Included + Tax and does not stay after sunset.

American Watercraft Rentals - Lake Lewisville -  I-35E @ Garden Ridge 454B exit

Jet Skis, Recreational Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats

Pontoon – gas & tax included, does not stay after sunset.



Remember If the boat is maxed out or overloaded with more people OR MORE WEIGHT than recommended, this is dangerously unsafe, uncomfortable and makes for a bad experience. Please get the proper boat for your guests as too many are hiring the wrong boat to save a few dollars.

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