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Planning a party, company meeting, event, wedding, or family reunion?

What is the difference between Party Boats and Party Barges?

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Big D Cats Maxi Catamaran Chamonix II - Lake Lewisville - Established in 2007  -  Large Party Boat Rated Above 50 Passengers

Chamonix II is a 2004 70-foot Gold Coast Catamaran with 2,380 square feet of party space. U.S. Coast Guard certified for 105 passengers. Chamonix II offers a safe, spacious environment for guests of all ages to experience the joy of catamaran sailing.  At 70 x 32 ft., Chamonix II is the Largest Sailing Catamaran in the State of Texas! This boat is the best boat for groups of 50 - 100 people. High winds? Not to worry as the boat is designed for the ocean, and the driver is a USCG-certified Captain.  No wind, no problem with twin engines. When spending more money on a larger vessel and organizing this large of a group, you want to know they won't cancel your reservation when other companies have to because it is unsafe to go out with high winds and waves on others' smaller boats.

Just For Fun - Established in DFW 1999

Lake Lewisville @ Sneaky Pete's - I-35E @ Garden Ridge 454B exit

Note: Pier 121 and Grapevine Locations are Closed.

Single Engine Barge, Be realistic...if a 40' party barge only has a single 60-Hp or 90-Hp engine and square blocks for floatation, don't be surprised or get mad that it is slow (even when empty), it is a floating dock and not designed to go anywhere fast.

Pontoon Boats, Parasail Rides, Jet Skis, Ski Boats, Kayaks

Pontoon Boats come in many sizes and are rated for a specific number of people with so much weight. Some rental companies rent you the boat with you as driver and some provide their own driver to drive you around. Some rental companies furnish gas at no additional charge and some don't. Do you want to ski, fish or just cruise? There are also different engine sizes, different horsepower.  Remember that loaded weight and engine size/hp has everything to do with boat speed. Most pontoon boats are rated for 12 or less people with 1800 lbs MAX. Please get the proper boat for the occasion, If the boat is overloaded with more people OR MORE WEIGHT, this is dangerously unsafe.


Aloha Watercraft - Lake Lewisville -  I-35E @ FM407 - 454A exit

Recreational Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis, Ski Boats


Flying And Floating Toys - Lake Lewisville - I-35E @ Lake Dallas 457 exit

Recreational Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis, Ski Boats, Kayaks,

We are the only parasail and powered parachute operator in Dallas - Fort Worth.


Just For Fun - Lake Lewisville @ Sneaky Pete's - I-35E @ Garden Ridge 454B exit

Note: Pier 121 and Grapevine Locations Closed.

Recreational Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis, Ski Boat Rentals, Barge Single Engine 60 & 90hp


American Watercraft Rentals - Lake Lewisville -  I-35E @ Garden Ridge 454B exit

* Prices subject to increase on holidays

Recreational Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis and Ski Boats


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